Our marketing philosophy.

A Marketing Plan that is Truly Unparalleled

The approach to which a property is put on display is unequivocally the most important part of any plan to market it. The other is accessibility to that presentation. The primary efforts of Dale Group Realty Corp. is to develop and deliver innovative and creative tools with the aim of ensuring that your home and it's greatest merits are always available to prospective buyers in unparalleled quality.
                                                                                         - Sandra Dale, Partner / Broker of Record


Q: Will Dale Group Realty advertise my home in major centers like London or Toronto?

A: Although there may be a few rare exceptions, very few buyers who are interested in a Huron County property will be looking in the Toronto newspapers to find it. Would you look in your local newspaper for a vacation property in Florida? We take an innovative approach to on-line marketing to insure that if a prespective buyer is looking for a property in your area, your property will be found.


8 Marketing tools designed to expose your home

1. Web Presence

I think it's fair to say that web presence has become the single most valuable tool for any industry that connects people - our industry is no different. Whether you are selling a Lakefront Cottage in Bayfield, Home in Goderich or a Property on the Golf Course in Seaforth, we understand the importance of web presence and maintaining it is just one way that we plan to keep our clients in the light.


2. Social Media

While developing dalegroup.ca we leaned heavily on our Facebook Page to provide us with an on-line presence, we had no idea that it would grow into what it has. We unequivocally agree with a statement that I recently read by Erik Qualman, "We don't have a choice whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it." We do it well.


3. Multiple Listing Service (Realtor.ca)

The MLS system is by far the single most powerful tool used today in the real estate industry. All serious potential  buyers are on-line watching MLS, waiting for the perfect home and if they are not, their agent is. We'll make sure your home is there to greet them.


4. Floor Plans

In our efforts to create more innovative marketing tools Dale Group Realty Corp. offers computer generated floor plans. Floor plans allow for perspective buyers to more thoroughly understand the layout of the home prior to scheduling a private viewing and helps to keep that particular property at the forefront of their minds when reviewing the properties that they have viewed.


5. Dynamic Photography

A picture speaks a thousand words! Dale Group Realty Corp. has taken standard industry photography and raised the bar. We want every aspect of your home to be on display, to capture the feeling of standing in the room. Buyers spend a lot of time reviewing their favorite listings on-line, let's give them what they're looking for - Great pictures.